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Foundation Centre

Artikel vom 03.05.2019

The Schader-Forum (opened in 2010), along with the gallery and garden of Haus Schader, situated across the street, serves as the location for the various events held at the Schader-Stiftung. The utilization of the premises is an essential feature of any promotion by the foundation.

The Schader-Forum

The Schader-Forum is a flexible meeting and convention building that offers configurable seminar rooms as well as versatile spaces and areas for additional services such as catering and receptions. Schader-Forum can house events with up to 400 participants. Alternatively, the building can be configured to offer six seminar rooms whilst simultaneously providing a plenary hall with space for around 120 people. Various other areas for encounters and meetings remain available depending on the set-up. During summertime, the rooftop terrace can be utilized as well. For further possibilities, please contact us directly so we can aid in finding an ideal solution for your project.

The Schader-Forum is located roughly 30 minutes away from Frankfurt International (FRA) as well as Frankfurt central station. Both offer various connections to Darmstadt. Darmstadt central station is easily accessible from Schader-Forum by public transportation. The tram stop is located right in front of the foundation’s premises. The city center is also within walking distance from Schader-Forum.

You can find a more detailed description of the foundation centre here (in German).

The Schader-Stiftung places its premises at the disposal for social scientific associations, communities and societies as well as for DFG-promoted projects. Promoted events have to serve the foundations’ aims – the promotion of social sciences by supporting the dialogue among academic researchers and practitioners and encourage a more practice-oriented approach to social sciences.

If interested, please contact


Alexander Gemeinhardt

Chairman of the board of the Schader-Stiftung

c / o. Alla Stoll, Assistant to the chairman of the board

Tel.: 06151 / 1759-15